Have you ever wanted to be a super hero? How about a Disney character, or a dragon, or your own steampunk mermaid fantasy character?! Creative Photo shoots are where I help you create a fantasy image from start to finish. We use costumes, makeup, lighting, and photography talent to make you look bold and stunning, or meek and dingy, or whatever your character demands, it is as you wish! All our photographs are done in real locations, with real props! No green screens here, just one of the most gorgeous and diverse locations on earth for photography, Santa Barbara California!


I can take your dream and help make it reality. I offer not only a produced photo, but an experience you will enjoy! Become a character you’ve always dreamed of becoming, or perhaps one that isn’t invented yet! Whether you want to be Cinderella, a dark fairy, or a beautiful vampiress, let me be your genie because your wish is my command! Your only boundaries are your imagination! I have vast experience in the area of production and know perfect backdrops to make your dream self come to life. Join me for a day not on the green screen in hot studio lights, but out on the bluffs, or at a vintage train musuem, and many more exciting natural sets to choose from. I’ll be with you every step of the way, from costume planning, to booking the glam squad if needed! Whether you dream of being a beautiful pinup girl, a mermaid, a fairy or a super hero, give me a call for all your fantasy and cosplay photography.  I love creating stunning storytelling images that take your breath away! Tell me your photo image fantasy, and I’ll tell you how to make it come true!

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Creative Cosplay Photographer Santa Barbara - The Barbarazzi Creative Shoot

Check our our pricing page to learn more about creative productions with the Barbarazzi and give me a call today! I can’t wait to help you orchestrate and create a fun and powerful image that you’ll appreciate more and more with each passing year! You will never regret making your fantasy photoshoot happen! Just listen to some of my clients’ raves!

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