About Me

Hi I’m Barbara. I’m a fun and outgoing gal with a super silly streak! I’m a wife, a mother and a born creative soul!  I have a lust for life and enjoy travel and adventure!  If I could spend my days anyway I like, I would take artisy images, ride zip lines, swim with dolphins, swing dance, and craft and play with my boys all day long! In reality I spend most of my time raising my 5 year old son, doing the domestic hustle with my husband (with the occasional date night), and also hustling behind my other baby, my photography business!

I was born a photographer, but it took 20 or so years of photography to finally take that leap and build a business. I have a BA in Psychology from UCSB, and worked in High Tech for 13 years, while always doing photography on the side. I am that person that people constantly ask to take photographs! It was hard to leave my cushy, high paying job with sweet benefits to actively persue my art and passion, but with the love and support of family and friends, I finally did it! I hung my shingle and since then I’ve passionatley pursued photography and the art of running a successful business! I’m still a work in progress, and will always be because I will never stop learning and growing as a photographer, business owner, and a woman. I have studied, been mentored by one of the best wedding and portrait photographers in SB, and spent countless hours mastering editing, practicing shooting in tricky light, and exlporing new photography techniques with my Professional (full frame) Canon camera and fast and fancy lenses! I hope to share my talent with you and photograph you in a way that makes you feel like a star, and pamper you with my old school style of kick ass customer service.


Things I like:

  • The Princess Bride, Star Wars, Dirty Dancing
  • Chocolate, Bacon, Tomatoes, Cauliflower
  • Pretty light
  • Zumba, Swimming, Walking
  • Netflix
  • Doggies, Kitties (I dream of fostering a litter of kittens one day)
  • The Beach (the actual beach, not the movie, ha!)
  • Dia De Los Muertos, Halloween, and pranks
  • Wine!!!

Things I dislike:

  • Kale (sorry, not sorry)
  • Bullies and jerks
  • Running
  • Snakes & spiders
  • The neverending laundry
  • That squeaky noise styro makes (eeekkk!!!)

I think when you are having your image captured, it’s more than a subjective experience. The way the photographer makes you feel creates a spark in your soul that bubbles up through your eyes. It’s not just about taking a photo of what’s there, it’s about making a photograph of what it feels like. The most frequent comments I get from my clients are “you made me feel so beautiful” or “you made it so easy” and my favorite “I’ve never experienced anything like that before!” I don’t just make images, I create a wonderful experience tailored just for you, then I photograph that special light in your eyes in an image not only you will treasure, but your grandkids will too!




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