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About the Barbarazzi

My name is Barbara and I am a portrait and wedding photographer from Santa Barbara, California. I’m a wife, a mom, and a passionate and rebellious soul. I specialize in emotional images that have the power to whisk you back to a moment in time, and bring a tear to your eye. I am a born creative, and have always seen the world in pictures.

In high school my friends called me ‘The Barbarazzi’ because I carried around a film camera everywhere I went, before people did that sort of thing! I chose this as my business name because it speaks to my outgoing and slightly nutty personality, my willingness to get in a tight spot to get the shot, and my true nature as someone who is always just about to snap (a photo). I will be part of your entourage and make you feel like a star. I’ll be on the scene, documenting all the details and moments, making you laugh, then artfully capturing those sweet moments for you to cherish forever.

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