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Santa Barbara Portrait Photography
Photo By Miranda Kelton Photography

About the Barbarazzi

Hi, I’m Barbara of Santa Barbara! I am a photographer and I specialize in portraits, weddings,  pinup & creative productions.  I specialize in emotional images that have the power to whisk you back to a moment in time, and bring a tear to your eye. It is my composition and knack for timing that allows me to capture the moments, but ultimately it is my heart and soul seeing that gives me ‘the eye’ for photography, it is truly my pleasure and honor to capture the power and beauty of these moments.

My favorite images are those of happy people with a bright and clean yet airy feel to them. Getting in my lens is fun, you won’t have to fake your smiles! I also like to explore photography and stretch my limits. I enjoy fine art, editorial, and creative projects that put my production skills to good use. I’m blessed with talented friends who collaborate with me to make photographic art, and I’m so amazed and grateful at what I get to do some days! I love and crave novelty, that’s why photography feeds my soul, each shoot is new to me!

In high school my friends called me ‘The Barbarazzi’ because I carried around a film camera everywhere I went, before people did that sort of thing! I chose this as my business name because it speaks to my outgoing and slightly nutty personality, my willingness to get in a tight spot to get the shot, and my true nature as someone who is always just about to snap (a photo). I would love to be part of your entourage and give you the star treatment!

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